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Xinjiang textile and garment exports rose for 7 consecutive months

In August, Xinjiang textile and garment exports continued to rise year on year, and has risen continuously for seven months since February.

On the 21st, the reporter learned from the textile administration office of the autonomous region that in August this year, the Xinjiang port exported clothing and accessories of 638.7 million US dollars, up 53.76% year on year, up 42.28% from the previous month. In the first eight months of this year, Xinjiang Port exported a total of 2.807 billion US dollars of clothing and accessories, up 30.8% year-on-year.

Since February this year, Xinjiang textile and garment exports have risen for seven months, reflecting the rapid development of Xinjiang's textile and garment industry.

The reporter learned from the Xinjiang Development Textile and Apparel Industry Drive Employment Leading Group Office that as of now, the number of textile and garment enterprises registered in Xinjiang has reached 2,525, an increase of 1965 from three years ago, 4.5 times that of three years ago.

Xinjiang has become the province with the hottest, lowest cost and fastest development of China's textile and garment industry. The textile and garment industry has become the new bright spot of Xinjiang's economy and the main channel for solving the employment of rural surplus labor.

The data shows that since the development of the textile and garment industry in Xinjiang has driven the employment target of one million people, the whole industry chain has achieved employment of 415,000.

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